The SRQ Food Truck Alliance is working hard to show county and city officials that the public supports food trucks and wants to see reform. Please sign the petition below to show your support. We will not share your contact information. 

Dear Sarasota County and City Officials,

We, the undersigned residents, businesses, associations and restaurants of Sarasota County, believe that county and city officials should work with the SRQ Food Truck Alliance to reform the zoning laws that restrict food trucks from operating within 800 feet of a brick-and-mortar restaurant and 750 feet of each other in the county, and prohibit mobile food vendors from operating on any public road within Sarasota city limits. These vendors have the right to earn an honest living, free from anti-competitive and burdensome laws, just like restaurants.

Food trucks can provide tremendous benefits to Sarasota and its surrounding communities, and we want to ensure they are allowed to conduct their business with the same liberties afforded other industries. Food trucks increase foot traffic and benefit restaurants and other brick-and-mortar establishments with an increased customer base. They provide new jobs, allow chefs to test out new concepts, expand opportunities for restaurants to grow their businesses, activate underused spaces, and make our communities even safer places to live.

​We support opening up Sarasota’s streets and the surrounding communities to food trucks, and we ask that you do, too.